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Cancer Specializations

Anal Cancer

Although fairly uncommon, anal cancer occurs when cells in the anus grow abnormally. Anal cancer affects more women than men, and typically occurs around 60 years of age. New evidence suggests that some strains of the human papilloma virus can contribute to the development of anal cancer. Although there may be no symptoms, bleeding and painful, non-healing ulcerations can be the first clue that anal cancer is present Other symptoms may include pain or lumps in the anal region, accompanied by itching, or discharge.

A course of treatment to fight anal cancer will be created by Wellness Oncology & Hematology's medical oncologists, Dr. Shaye, Dr. Lashkari, and Dr. Ho. Typically, the best way to treat this type of cancer is through a combination of treatments, which may include chemotherapy combined with radiation and or surgery All possible and emerging treatments to combat the spread of this cancer and cure iit will be considered as a way to improve overall health and prolong life.

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