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  • Anna  Herrera
    Anna Herrera
    Practice Manager
  • Veronica  Chin
    Veronica Chin
    Patient Care Coordinator
  • Maria  Romo
    Maria Romo
    Patient Care Coordinator
  • Mary  Mau
    Mary Mau
    Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Aurea  Traquena
    Aurea Traquena
    Lab Technician
  • Pearl  Benson
    Pearl Benson
    Medical Assistant
  • Daniel  Boland
    Daniel Boland
    Medical Assistant
  • Theresa  Zimmerman
    Theresa Zimmerman
  • Mayra  Molina
    Mayra Molina
    Medical Assistant
  • Dolly  Muga
    Dolly Muga
    Medical Assistant
  • Tamara  LaCagnina, CPC
    Tamara LaCagnina, CPC
    Certified Professional Coder
  • Kelly  Merriman, CPC
    Kelly Merriman, CPC
    Certified Professional Coder
  • Denise  Rebbie-Galpin
    Denise Rebbie-Galpin
    Certified Oncology Nurse
  • Sylvia  Cardenas
    Sylvia Cardenas
    Certified Oncology Nurse
  • Robin  Santellano
    Robin Santellano
    Certified Oncology Nurse
  • Marylen  Roldan
    Marylen Roldan
    Pharmacy Director

Words from our patients

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    "Thanks to all of you for the help and kindness you always show me! You're all so good at your jobs and it really shows."

    Carole W.
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    "Dr. Shaye, Dr. Lashkari and Dr. Ho are so tuned into my individual cancer treatment and its progress, and their nurses and staff make everything comfortable for me."

    Alan R.
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    "What a difference at Wellness Oncology, you treat me like I'm a real living person, with a long healthy life ahead of me."

    Steven G.