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Preventing Hair Loss During Breast Cancer Chemotherapy in Southern California

Chemotherapy frequently results in hair loss for Los Angeles area women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Powerful drugs used to fight cancerous cells unfortunately also attack growing cells in your body such as those in your hair roots. However, women no longer have to lose their hair during chemotherapy, thanks to FDA approved DigniCap, available at Wellness Oncology in West Hills and Tarzana.

FDA approved DigniCap is a scalp cooling system, available to help Southern California women diagnosed with certain types of breast cancer to reduce the likelihood of hair loss or to minimize hair loss caused by chemotherapy. This custom cooling system is the first scalp cooling system to be FDA approved in the United States, and works by keeping the scalp cool during chemotherapy.

The DigniCap system is comprised of a silicone cap, which is connected to a computer-run cooling unit. The cap contains cooling channels and sensors, which allow coolant to run continuously during chemotherapy. This works to keep the scalp cool during chemotherapy by lowering the temperature of the scalp so that hair follicles are spared from damage.

DigniCap Treatment at Wellness Oncology FAQs

What does DigniCap treatment feel Like?
The majority of women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in Los Angeles report few, or minor side effects from DigniCap. The computer monitored hair loss reduction and prevention system is designed to create a gradual cooling process, with most women tolerating the treatment remarkably well. Some patients will experience a feeling of chill, or mild headache, but these occurrences are rare.

Do I need to do anything special to my hair prior to treatment?
It is recommended by the expert oncologists at Wellness Oncology that you wash your hair with warm, but not hot water, and use a gentle shampoo prior to chemotherapy and DigniCap treatment. It is also recommended that you reduce the amount of hair products, and heat appliances you use, which can weaken hair.

How long does DigniCap cooling treatment last? 
During your chemotherapy treatment, the expert Southern California oncologists and technicians at Wellness Oncology will ensure that the silicon DigniCap is comfortably fitted to your scalp prior to the start of chemotherapy. Treatment typically begins 30 minutes before the infusion of drugs, to begin lowering the temperature of your scalp. The DigniCap is worn throughout the infusion, and for a period of time following infusion to ensure adequate cooling time, which generally lasts 30 minutes to 150 minutes.

Can I take a break during DigniCap cooling treatment?
Continuous use of DigniCap cooling treatment is preferred, but this cutting-edge treatment does offer easy disconnection from the computer cooling system, in the event that you need to take a quick break to use the restroom.

Does the DigniCap come in different sizes?
Yes. This hair loss prevention cooling cap is a molded silicon cap that is available in multiple size to ensure a snug fit, and comfort.

Is DigniCap cooling treatment safe?
Yes. The FDA approved the use of DigniCap in the United States in 2015.

Am I a candidate for the DigniCap hair loss prevention treatment?
The expert breast cancer specialists at Wellness Oncology will work with you to determine whether or not you're a candidate for using this scalp cooling treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Los Angeles

Approximately 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life, making breast cancer one of the most common types of cancers afflicting women in greater Los Angeles. At Wellness Oncology of West Hills and Tarzana, our team of experienced oncologists have the knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of care possible, along with the most advanced treatment options, including the innovate hair loss prevention system, DigniCap.

At Wellness Oncology, expert oncologists Dr. Shaye, Dr. Lashkari, and Dr. Ho provide medication, advanced radiation treatments, and any necessary surgical resources to treat a variety of cancers. Our Los Angeles breast cancer specialists also treat patients diagnosed with cancers including anal and colon cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer, carcinoid cancer, gallbladder cancer, kidney, liver and lung cancer, and prostate, pancreatic, stomach, testicular and rectal cancer. Contact us today at 818.346.1773 to schedule an appointment with a member of our leading oncological team.

Dr. Ashkan Lashkari

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