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Cancer Rates and Deaths continue to decline

Although we tend to think of our own community in regards cancer care, Dr Shaye, Dr Lashkari and I consider ourselves to be a part of the cancer fighting community outside of the San Fernando Valley.

Unfortunately, statistics is a common part of the conversation with our patients, but it is this statistic which is also the most interesting and hopeful to share.

The fact is, that for over the last decade the rates of cancer and deaths from cancer have slowly, but steadily declined. There are a variety of reasons for this statistic, mostly having to do with earlier detection, and better treatments.

I have included the link to the article below, and it is a yearly publication from the American Cancer Society and Centers for Disease Control.

Here is to a healthy and prosperous 2014 to you and your family, and to another decrease on the next report next year!|39174530

Dr. Christopher Ho

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