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New studies show the benefit of exercise and yoga in breast cancer survivors

As Hematologists and Medical Oncologists, Dr Lashkari, Dr Shaye and I are often asked about the importance of exercise in overall health. The answer is: Exercise is an important part of the recovery and treatment of our cancer patients. It is well known that exercise even in small amounts, cumulatively add to health, which is to say that little bursts of physical activity throughout the day are equivalent to a single session. 

Some patient think that perhaps even little research is not being done, as more focus is made on medications. Not True!  

See a couple of the articles below. The San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference is an annual conference well attended by oncologist throughout the world. The recent trial showing the effectiveness of a low impact exercise program on patients' tolerance of important medications is particularly interesting, and one of the important findings during that conference, among others.,0,2467452.story#axzz2rjTnOzVH

Dr. Christopher Ho

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