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This News & Features section of our website will be used to provide important information to our patients regarding our thoughts on related cancer treatment news, trends, articles, and opinions.

Dr. Omid Shaye, a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist,brings a comprehensive approach to cancer care to his patients. Dr. Ashkan Lashkari is able to maintain a view of patient care that leads him to treat the person rather than the condition or illness. Medical Oncology in particular, enables Dr. Lashkari to consider patient care in the context of cancer's impact on the individual.

The practice of medical oncology and hematology affords Dr. Lashkari and Dr. Shaye with the opportunity to build close, lasting relationships with patients. Feelings, emotions, fears are not exclusive to their patients, and they both enjoy the honesty that exists in such an intimate doctor/patient relationship.

Wellness Oncology & Hematology

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